Our Watershed Stories

Do you live in a watershed? To find out the answer, you need to visit www.OurWatershedStories.org.

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The original website designed by David S Waxman and built to accompany to the on-air broadcast campaign in the San Francisco Bay Area.

That’s the home to an educational multimedia project funded by a consortium of California water agencies. The series was produced for both broadcast and for online consumption. In all, nearly 30 hours of original media was filmed and edited into ten short-form segments featuring custom graphics, firsthand accounts from a wide range of specialists and experts, and a tight script that David S Waxman researched and wrote for the client. The overall project was conceived, filmed and built from the very beginning to be a modular, expandable, and cross-platform experience.

Our Watershed Stories

The logo, designed by David S Waxman

To answer the original question: of course you live in a watershed! Everybody does.

Select highlights from this project:

  • Web of Life: The story of a small watershed and the big changes that dedicated people made to project their community.
  • Into the Bay: A story about 2 friends who are friends of a waterway everyone calls “The Petaluma River”… which isn’t really a river!
  • Creeks and Dam: The ways that single dam can make a suburban community a lush and vibrant place to live.
  • Our Habitats: Coho salmon demand that we keep the water flowing in Dry Creek, and four men are here to tell us why.
  • Coming Together: The Russian River watershed in an enormous natural system, and it takes a riverkeeper, a community, and a lot of different waterways, all coming together, to keep up with a current of change.