The Art of Movement

AXIS Dance CompanyThe AXIS Dance Company, a pioneering professional dance group, began in 1987. Today, founding dancer Judith Smith is the artistic director of a creative, groundbreaking group of dancers— some with disabilities, others without.

How can you describe “physically integrated dance” in words? Without a firmly-established vocabulary, like that of ballet (which has evolved over a century), “you have to see it to believe it.”



Power Soccer is a sport created by and for power wheelchair users. Compared to quad rugby (popularized by the 2005 documentary “Murderball“) and wheelchair basketball, this sport is perfect for people with disabilities who use a power wheelchair.

Power soccer is an incredibly skillful sport, requiring grace, strategy, and control. Fundamentals like court position, blocking, and picking are essential. The best players have good concentration, are aggressive but not violent, and work as a team.


Target Practice

Tom Molina loves a good adventure.

Fortunately, he gets to spend time on the ranch of his good friend Angel, where there is livestock to care for, boccé ball to play… and most importantly, an opportunity to practice archery with his friend Leyland.

Tom travels the country, always taking his manual or power wheelchair “where a wheelchair don’t belong,” even if it means an occasional flat tire.