Power Soccer is a sport created by and for power wheelchair users. Compared to quad rugby (popularized by the 2005 documentary “Murderball“) and wheelchair basketball, this sport is perfect for people with disabilities who use a power wheelchair.

Power soccer is an incredibly skillful sport, requiring grace, strategy, and control. Fundamentals like court position, blocking, and picking are essential. The best players have good concentration, are aggressive but not violent, and work as a team.

Chris Finn is not only the coach of two local Bay Area teams., both of which practice in Berkeley every Saturday and play in tournaments throughout the region and the USA.

He also coached the first-ever World Cup-winning Power Soccer team. And he is also an excellent player himself.

Chris works with B.O.R.P., the Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program, which provides access to sports for people with all kinds of different disabilities.

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