David S. Waxman’s Lecture on Aspect Ratio

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To understand why we have 16×9 and 4×3 and other exciting ratio standards, it helps to learn a little film history. Standards wars cause a lot of funny things to happen.

You’ve heard of betamax vs. vhs. hd-dvd vs blu-ray.

Today’s ratio standards evolved over the history of film.

Celebrate new beginnings

Happy Holidays from Waxman.TVAt Waxman.TV, we are are celebrating this new season of new beginnings by giving back to the community. We are grateful for the kindness of friends and family, the beauty of Northern California, and the opportunities that await our company in 2015.

David the Dynamic Floor DirectorFor the last 9 years, I worked for my favorite nonprofit organization in the world: KRCB North Bay Public Media. Well-meaning friends would often point out that I could earn so much more money in the private sector. While true, I saw my work at KRCB as a way of giving back to the community. My 9 years at KRCB were my volunteer work and annual donation to an important cause. I received much more than I could ever give.

I started Waxman.TV because it was the best way to remain true to my ideals while also earning a living wage, so that I may grow my own roots here in Northern California. As a startup company, cash is tight: I am building a premium, high-quality broadcast and video production company. However, I still feel compelled to give back at year’s end. As they say, “Tis the season!”

David does MickaCoo outreachThis year I am giving a gift to one of my other favorite nonprofit organizations: Palomacy Pigeon and Dove Adoptions (formerly MickaCoo Pigeon and Dove Rescue), for which I’ve been volunteering since 2012. After 7 years, this grassroots animal rescue is on the verge of its own new beginning. I cannot say more until after the official announcement on Saturday, December 6; on Sunday morning, please check back here for the world premiere of a 3-minute video for and about this essential nonprofit, the people who make it work, and the lives we are saving through this essential work.

We’re proud to present this 3-minute video, released to coincide with Saturday’s big announcement:

We're so proud to be featured on the PigeonRescue.org home page

We’re so proud to be featured on the PigeonRescue.org home page

It’s December. Normally, I’d buy my friends and family members bottles of wine, fancy art, tasty treats, gadgets and gizmos, or gimmicky gifts galore. This year, I donated my personal gift-giving budget to finance the production of a high-quality, professional video to announce MickaCoo’s big change. That said, if you still feel compelled to buy me a gift, here is my wishlist (in no particular order):

  • Donation in Waxman.TV’s name to Palomacy (formerly MickaCoo)
  • Donation in Waxman.TV’s name to KRCB.
  • New business referrals.
  • Starbucks gift cards (hey! it’s an addiction!)

I am grateful beyond words for my friends and family, my clients, my community, and this beautiful place I am fortunate to call home.

Here’s to new beginnings!

David Waxman
Owner, Executive Producer, and Director/Writer/Editor
waxman.TV: Creative Nonfiction Storytelling.
Proudly established July 1, 2014 in Santa Rosa, California, USA.

Artists of Wine Country

In 2014, I had the privilege to interview three visual artists: Ken Berman of Sebastopol, Peggy Sebera of Petaluma, and Willow LaLand-Yeilding of Healdsburg. These generous and talented artists provided beautiful backdrops that dramatically increased the production value of KRCB’s fundraising auction events, broadcast live to the San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose market in April, June, and October.

Briana and Tom stand in front of a painting

Auction hosts Briana Gordon and Tom Silberkleit stand in front of Willow LaLand-Yeilding’s painting of “Evening” on Saturday, October 17, 2014.

Each interview lasted about 30-40 minutes and were edited into 2-3-minute segments; each segment aired at least 18 times over the course of the 68 hours of live TV that were produced in 2014. The October event coincided with the annual Sonoma County ARTtrails event so the Sebera and LaLand-Yeilding interviews were also used to promote the wine country art community in general.

Even though production constraints prevented KRCB from filming the artists in their home studios, the works of art themselves proved to be a vibrant visual to accompany these stories; nonetheless, with significant interview footage left on the cutting room floor, waxman.TV looks forward to creating extended artist profiles, in partnership with the artists and organizations like the Sebastopol Center for the Arts (the organization that organizes ARTtrails).



Napa 9/11 Memorial

Gordon Huether is an artist based in the Napa Valley. He is creating a 9/11 memorial, constructed of steel from the Twin Towers, that will stand in downtown Napa, California. Narrated by Michelle Olivera. Produced independently for KRCB Public Media’s “North Bay Voice.”



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