All About Waxman.TV

David S Waxman stands with a shoulder-mount Pro HD camcorderCreative Nonfiction Storytelling

We collaborate with individuals, small businesses, and nonprofits to uncover and share the hidden stories that make our community great.

We forge the passion of individuals into compelling multimedia stories that engage, entertain, and inform.

We are leading the way toward a future where everyone is a broadcaster.

We provide the tools, the skills, and the passion for creative nonfiction storytelling.

You provide the story; together, we find the audience.

This is our passion

Watch "Coming to California: Sandra's Story"

Sandra, an 18-year-old high school student in Sonoma County, tells the story of her journey to California.

Everybody has a story, and with 2 decades of production experience at local PBS stations and beyond, telling true stories about real people is our passion.

Our passion is to help people rediscover their story, flesh it out, make it as clear and vibrant as it truly is, and share it with the world. That last point—sharing—is the challenge we now face: the unmoderated web is still the wild west of content.

The future of broadcasting lies in identifying, cataloging, and sharing— tasks best suited for humans armed with technology that has yet to be invented. Let’s discover it together.