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Chapter 6 of “Our Watersheds Stories” introduces these 2 men:  JT Wick and Andy Rogers.  They are friends with each other, as well as “Friends of the Petaluma River.”

“We focus on conservation, education and celebration of the Petaluma River,” says Wick, who serves as the chairman of the organization’s Board.

Imagine the Petaluma River Watershed as a massive bowl—Wick and Rogers live on opposite rims.  From their perspective, they see first-hand what their actions have on the river downstream.

Rogers explains it further like this:  “At my place, it rains and water will shed down through the fields and into the Liberty Creek, which eventually connects with the Petaluma River and eventually to San Pablo Bay.”

The lower Petaluma isn’t really a river, but rather, a tidal estuary. In fact much of the Bay Area’s shoreline once looked a lot like the Petaluma River estuary, where 12 miles of tidal sloughs still twist and turn through scenic places like Shollenberger Park.

If you visit this area, says Rogers, “experience it with friends and family.  It becomes something that’s important to you.”  He adds, “I think that that’s probably one of the biggest roles Friends of the Petaluma River plays.  We get people out to see what is in their backyard.”

In Petaluma, you find proof that all you need to celebrate your Bay Area watershed is a little help from your friends!

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