Crisis at Home

KRCB and Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County present “The Crisis At Home – Youth Engage the Community on the Economy.” What follows are several web promos for this broadcast event.

Cynthia is a young leader, one of 10 who worked with KRCB’s Voice of Youth to produce the film. In this extended teaser, she introduces a segment of the film that moved her.

The students met Jeanette, who now helps others, but years ago she was in need herself. Today, Jeanette works tirelessly to ensure that others do not have to endure the pain she once encountered first-hand.

Deisy, one of the student filmmakers, worked with KRCB staff to produce this insightful look on how the economic downturn has affected the community that her family and friends call home.

Watch Edgar and Cynthia reflect on the stories they uncovered in their investigation.

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My Credits: Series Producer, Segment Producer, Writer, Finishing Editor
© 2009 KRCB – North Bay Public Media. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


Cameras: Sony DSR-PDX-10; and JVC GY-HM700 with Fujinon 18x lens
Camera Format: DV NTSC 720×480 Interlaced; XDcam EX (1920x1080i)
Master Format: ProRes 422(HQ) at 720×480 Interlaced
Length: 26 minutes 46 seconds


Spanish with English subtitles.

Coming to California: Sandra’s Story

Sandra tells the story of her journey to California.

Coming to California project description goes here.



My Credits: Supervising Producer, Director (Location), Writer
© 2009 KRCB – North Bay Public Media. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


Cameras: Sony DSR-DX-10
Camera Format: DV NTSC 720×480 Interlaced
Master Format: DV NTSC 720×480 Interlaced
Length: 3 minutes


Spanish with English subtitles.

Tengo La Voz: I Have The Voice

Tengo La Voz, which is Spanish for “I Have The Voice,” was a 2-year multidisciplinary program for Latino youth in Sonoma County, California. The goal was to provide students with access and training to the tools of self expression. In 2009, I produced and directed a 30-minute documentary that took viewers on a behind-the-scenes look at the workshops, summer camps, and other exciting opportunities in media production, art, and literature, all designed to help tomorrow’s leaders find their voice. The program also featured examples of the creative work the students completed.